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Get a complete 5-page website for $750.00

Price Structure

We consider our prices pretty reasonable compared to other website design companies, especially considering that we've been in business since 1999 and have a lot of technical experience. Be cautious of "newbie" designers offering free websites, or part-timers working out of their bedroom while holding down a full-time job. With no disrespect to either newbies or part-timers, it might be worth your while paying a little more for a thorough, professional job by a hard-working business that's planning to be around for years to come.

Website with 5-20 static pages:$750 – $1500
Website with user admin and database, multiple pages:$1500 – $2000
Complete e-commerce website:$2000 – $3500+
Typical prices, meant as a guide only.

Static pages are pages that we "hard-code" and aren't likely to change very often. This is a cheaper option, but not necessarily a better one. Including a user admin and database can greatly enhance your website. Say you want several pages that you would prefer to update yourself every day or week; with a private user administration area you can do just that with no ongoing costs at all, thus saving you a lot of money in the long term (not to mention leaving you fully in charge of the content).

So, whether you're looking for a few simple pages or a multi-page dynamic website complete with database, content management system, and shopping cart, we can get your site up and running before you know it.

Email for a quote or call 423-240-3751.

What does the cost include?

Everything except hosting (see below). We also include free domain registration, but if you already have a domain, that's fine – we'll make it work. If you have a domain in mind but haven't yet registered it, let us do that for you as part of the service.

There are no hidden costs unless you want to register additional domains or need any "special" work done, such as Flash animations.

How much is web hosting?

Our monthly business hosting is $30.00 per month and includes free minor updates to your site whenever you need them (replacement pictures, changes in prices or text, etc). Note that this does not apply to planned daily/weekly updates. You have up to 100MB of available web space, and 5GB of bandwidth. There is a cheaper option available for non-businesses, $10/month, but this does not include any free work.

What if I need extra work done later?

Anything not covered under our hosting is charged at an hourly rate.

My site just needs a redesign. Is this cheaper?

Cheaper because your site already has content and surely means less work for us? We're often asked this question, but in fact having a pre-existing site doesn't cut our work down in any way.

We'll build the entire site from scratch regardless, and we'll still need textual content and pictures from you before we can start. Having the content on a pre-existing site just means we're ready to get started quicker!

Can you update my site but leave it on my own webspace?

Yes, that's fine too. Several of our customers started out with pre-existing websites that were out of date because the original webmaster had dropped off the face of the earth, or the owner just didn't have the time or the know-how to expand or improve the site.

Provided we have the login details to access your webspace, we can go in and make any changes you need – update contact information, prices, text and pictures, add pages, and so on. In this case we just bill you by the hour, which is usually not very much.

Later, if you want to hand over the site entirely and benefit from the free work we do under our hosting plan, that's fine too. By that time we'll already know each other, and moving your site to our server will seem like a natural step.

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